Restaurant, Pub and Banquet Facility

the history of the adams mill

Peter Adams was born in Forfarshine, Scotland, on February 2nd 1807. Peter was twenty when he immigrated to the United States, a journeyman at the trade. The Adams paper mill was established by the purchase of the existing mill building by Peter Adams.

Peter Adams was known as one of the oldest and most successful paper manufacturers in the United States. The product of his mill was shipped all over the world. It was known for its excellence in quality and finish. His paper was used for the printing of the World's Fair catalogue in Paris in 1879 and he received a bronze medal in recognition. It is also known that Mark Twain used Adams Mill paper for the writing of his books.

In June of 1982 the transformation to a full service restaurant began. Since October of 1982, Adams Mill Restaurant has been operating successfully in this 1880 paper mill restored to its original charm.