The Adams Mill

The Closing of a 37-Year-Old Landmark:

The Adams Mill Restaurant

It is with very bittersweet feelings, that the Adams Mill Restaurant is letting you know that we are in our final weeks of business. Investors have given us the final opportunity to step aside. The building will be closed, renovated for a few months, and will reopen as something brand new. Our final day of business will be Sunday brunch, April 28th, so to those of you that will miss our chef Joe’s bits, blue cheese and poppy seed dressing, there is still some time!

After 37 of the most incredible years of our lives, we are ready to pass on the baton. Those wonderful years are due to so many of you out there that have supported us over the years and we owe you all a thank you.

To the Police Department, Fire Department, Chamber of Commerce and Health Department - thank you for your support over the years; for being there in times of need and for bringing us your celebrations and retirements.

To our guests that have celebrated their birthdays, engagements, showers and weddings - thank you.
Recently a guest told us "Everything happens at the Adams Mill – all the celebrations!" What a tremendous compliment that was.

To our "regulars" that frequent our restaurant often - thank you. We have had the opportunity to get to know you, your families and friends. You have shared your life stories and experiences with us and you will never be forgotten.

To the occasional guest that just stopped in - thank you. It was such a pleasure.

To our employees - we watched some of you grow from your first job, going off to college, and even returning for your weddings, baby showers, christenings and the unfortunate memorials of your loved ones. One of our previous employees said to me, "I learned everything I know from the Adams Mill, and I apply it every day to my full-time job." That, too, was an incredible compliment. You will all be missed.

To the new owners - Manchester is a great town to do business in, and the surrounding communities have been beyond supportive. They have been good to us, as has our building. We hope that you are able to experience the same joy that we have and will have as many lasting memories.

Again, thank you to all of you that have come through our doors. We apologize to those that we have disappointed. That, obviously, was never our intent. This has been an amazing ride and one that we would never have had the opportunity to experience if it weren’t for our guests and our ever-supportive employees.

We have made many friendships with so many of you and you will all be missed greatly. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Deb and Tony Scarpace (Owners)